Your active buyers are busier today than they’ve ever been and it’s not just the traditional challenges that stall your approach, now technology such as web marketing displays hundreds of competing properties and traditional advertising no longer produces the results needed to create competition between active buyers.

OpenHomeXtra puts you back in control of your sales process, and gets your vendor’s home in front of the people who matter most…active buyers

Video is opened 68% more than email and has 10x the message recall.

The Xtra Factor’s special method of playing the video when it hits the in-box attracts attention and curiosity especially if you add the person’s name to the first few frames of the video.

Video help agents to truly connect with their prospects and clients. Video humanises your approach and let’s your prospect “feel” your personality, enjoy your smile and trust your body language. You can’t do that in an email.

Every member of your sales/marketing team has unlimited access to OpenHomeXtra’s tools. Here your team will also create personal marketing videos to become a “Key Person of Influence”.

Digital marketing is no longer an optional extra for Realtors.

Even the best agents don’t have the time to figure it out.

Your time is best spent on how to delight your customers than thinking of marketing strategies.