A unique pro-active approach to create competition between active buyers.

low cost video messaging allows Real Estate Agents to reach thousands of active buyers at the touch of a button.

Video messaging puts your message right in front of the active buyer. No need for potential buyers to search through hundreds of web or newspaper adverts, the Xtra Factor send the listed home in video direct to the active buyers email in-box.

The interest generated by interactive video messaging delivers 10 x the response rate of normal print marketing and is 4 x as effective as the average advertising promotion.

How to put ACTIVE BUYERS in your open home.

OpenHomeXtra video marketing is a powerful new method of communication with individuals or mass prospecting to active buyers.

Vendors sell their homes with people they Like, Trust and Respect.

Consistent video marketing puts you in the lounge of your buyer’s and encourages them to discuss YOU and your homes. Imagine being able to send every Virtual Home video direct to thousands of potential buyers, would that generate interest in how you may market their home?

How many active buyers can you tell your story to in any working day? Three, five, 10 at the very best?

With the Xtra Factor video marketing you can reach hundreds or thousands of active buyers within 24 hours of the photograph shoot.

Watch the video to view an experienced Realtor explaining how to involve Vendors in OpenHomeXtra marketing.

EVERY enquiry receives the Xtra Factor video system.
Auto resend 7 Days and 30 days.
Every visitor to your open home receives a video presentation the same day.

Video separates salespeople from the mass of digital marketing and dramatically increases the contact to conversion ratio.

Video presents your vendor’s home to active buyers in an engaging story-telling and authentic manner. The tone of the agents voice, the body language, as well as background and surroundings, all of these elements in video allow the Realtor to tell a more compelling story than just email.

Video humanises the act of selling by showing the home to active buyers. It’s the next best thing to meeting someone face-to-face.